Beername Beerdescription Beerstrength
Resting Angel A golden yellow, crisp bitter with a full malt finish 6
Restful Poacher A full bodied bitter with a soft malt finish. Deep golden yellow 5.2
Hoppy Goat Golden yellow, aromatic and hoppy 3.9
Vicar's Goat Very pale, crispy beer! 4.1
Bank Holiday Blues A pale bitter with a blend of English and American hops. Too good for Nigel Evans! 3.8
Hoptimist Made with Nugget hops. This beer is pale and very hoppy 4.1
Foxy Poacher A beautiful blend of Fox's and Poachers', two beers which share the same hops. 3.8
Fallen Angel A sharp, full flavoured pale bitter. Bucket fulls of American hops, give it that lemony edge. 5
Excommunicated An all pale malt beer made with Willamette hops, provide for a strong bitter taste. 5
India Pale Ale A real I.P.A. with lots of hops... and still more hops! Prepare for a pint of light yellow liquid bitterness. 5
India Green Ale Like the I.P.A. but made with freshly picked green hops. 5
Holy Bones A pale, yellow bitter with a clean, sharp finish. 5
Old Pal A rich, copper coloured beer which is stacked full of abundant malty flavours and a surprisingly dry finish. 5.5
Bats In The Belfry A soft, full flavoured wheat beer made with real grapefruit. 5.6
Arthur's Wit

Surprise surprise! A pale strong beer that is also bitter. A slightly spicy hop finish catches you out.

Old Father Brown An old style English ale. Rich, warming and malty smooth. 6
Rest In Peace Our strong beer for the brave or foolish. A light amber coloured bitter with a good malty mouthful. It is currently allowed to mature in barrels (36 gallons) until ready for release. 7
Poacher's Pocket Malt driven session bitter. A rich blend of two hops and two malts, ensures that this pale beer is stacked full of flavour. 3.5
Altar Ale Malted oats, a blend of pale barley varieties, make this golden yellow bitter rich beyond its strength. 3.6
Pheasant Plucker A pale, low gravity bitter with a refreshingly sharp hop bite. 3.7

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  • New Beer - Blackcurrant Stout

    Our original Stout Coffin, with the added fruity sweetness of fresh blackcurrants - 4.6% ABV

  • New Beer - Sideshow

    A freakishly dark hoppy tonic, that’ll put hairs on your palms 4.4% ABV

  • New Beer - 2017

    A recipe for destruction! This deep brown ale uses both coloured and pale malts with three hop varieties which gives a full flavoured beer, with a sweet aroma.

  • New Beer - Mince Pie

    Liquid Christmas!

    Deep brown ale flavoured to be a Christmas delight, officially the only barrel that exists! ABV 6.5%

  • New Beer - Cupcake Revolution

    Light gold bitter with a very floral and fruity nose. ABV %5.5