Beername Beerdescription Beerstrength
Nun's Ale Pale and triple hopped. 4.5
Drop Goal Not really produced for the lovers of odd shaped balls! Golden and bitter, with a silky smooth finish. 4.5
Molly's Blackout This beer is brewed with Bullion hops. It's pale in colour with a hoppy and tangy flavour. 4.5

This beer is made with Mount Hood and Cascade hops. Pale in colour with an exhilarating citrus tang to the bitterness.

Stout Coffin Black, chewy and creamy. A first class example of what a stout should be. 4.6
Cop Gun Brewed with pale malt and Green bullet hops, this very pale beer deceives the drinker, with a very hoppy sharp taste. 4.8
Nene Bitter Originally brewed for Peterborough beer festival this beer contains a complex mixture of three hops and three malts to deliver a unique hoppy flavour. 5
Shakes Beer Appropriately brewed in Shakespeare's county. Enjoy the blend of four hops and four malts, along with a hint of chocolate, to give it a light brown colour. 4
Rugby Ale A strong, deep red bitter. The use of several coloured malts ensures that the rich complex malt flavours dominate. It is made with a single English hop. 5
Julius Seizure A brown/red beer, malty and slightly fruity with a delicate hop character 5.2
King Beer Very pale and gently hopped 4.6
Much a Brew About Nothing Golden, hoppy and with a citrus flavour 3.8
Old Gravedigger Deep ruby red, a rich and warming ale 4.6
King Arthur Light gold, reaches the swords other beers can’t reach! 5.3
To Beer Or Not To Beer A complex light brown bitter with a soft hop finish. 3.7
Bob’s Pocket A soft golden bitter, full flavoured with a dry hop finish 4.2
Shameless A brown fruity bitter 4.5
Cheesey Sleazey Deep gold, citrusy and slightly malty 4
Fallen Goat A pale, citrusy blend of two Church End favourites, Fallen Angel and Goat’s Milk. Hoppy with knobs on! 4.4
Shaky Fox A fox coloured bitter, brewed in honour of the passing of Shakin Stevens’s pet fox! 4.1

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  • New Beer - Blackcurrant Stout

    Our original Stout Coffin, with the added fruity sweetness of fresh blackcurrants - 4.6% ABV

  • New Beer - Sideshow

    A freakishly dark hoppy tonic, that’ll put hairs on your palms 4.4% ABV

  • New Beer - 2017

    A recipe for destruction! This deep brown ale uses both coloured and pale malts with three hop varieties which gives a full flavoured beer, with a sweet aroma.

  • New Beer - Mince Pie

    Liquid Christmas!

    Deep brown ale flavoured to be a Christmas delight, officially the only barrel that exists! ABV 6.5%

  • New Beer - Cupcake Revolution

    Light gold bitter with a very floral and fruity nose. ABV %5.5