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George & Dragon  Menu

Food served daily between 12:00 - 14:30, Tuesday to Saturday

All of our ingredients are sourced from local suppliers & our food is freshly made on the premises.

** Daily specials also available **

Tuesday, 10 January 2017
    Homemade Soup ...  £3,95

With fresh bread and butter

Homemade Sandwiches
    Warm Chicken fillet ...  £5,50

supplied by Frank Parkers’ Butchers

    Cheese- from Sparkenhoe Dairy ...  £4,95
    Ham ...  £4,95

From Frank Parker's Butchers

    Steak ...  £5,95

Fresh meat from Frank Parker's Butchers

    Tuna or Tuna Mayonnaise ...  £4,50
    Beef ...  £4,95

supplied by Frank Parkers’ butchers


All served in fresh white, or granary bread, accompanied with a salad garnish, and chutney

    Happily made on request. Please choose your meat, cheese, or fish from the the above list. ...  £7,00
    Pork Pie  
    Red Leicester  
    Bosworth Battle Field White Cheese  
    Blue Stilton ...  £7,50

Choose 3 options from our selection of locally sourced cheeses and meats.

All served with a side salad, apple, boiled egg and fresh bread.

Jacket Potatoes
    Tuna Mayonnaise ...  £5,50
    Cheese ...  £5,50
    Chilli con carne ...  £6,00
    Cheese and Beans ...  £6,00

All served with a salad garnish.

Hot Meals
    Fish and Chips ...  £7,95

Fresh fish, battered in Church End Beer Batter, served with hand cut chips, mushy or garden peas & tartar sauce

    Handmade Fishcake ...  £8,50

Smoked Haddock, Red Leicester & Chive Fishcake served with hand cut chips,salad garnish and a sweet chill dip.

    Frank Parker's Award Winning Pork Sausages ...  £7,50

Served with mashed potato, selection of vegetables in a rich homemade onion gravy.

    Steak and Church End Ale Pie ...  £8,50

Steak from Frank Parker's of Nuneaton, and ale from our very own cellar. Served with seasonal veg, and your choice of mash, or hand-cut chips.

    8oz Gammon ...  £8,25

Gammon steak from Frank Parkers, served with our hand cut chips, salad garnish, pineapple and a large free range fried egg.

    Faggots Chips and Peas ...  £7,95

Faggots from Frank Parkers, served in a rich homemade gravy, with hand cut chips and your choice of garden, or mushy peas

    Homemade Chilli Con Carne ...  £7,50
  Served with basmati rice, garlic bread and a salad garnish.    
    Vegetarian Lasagne ...  £7,25

Served with a salad garnish, and hand cut chips

    Hand cut chips ...  £2,00
    Cheesy Chips ...  £2,50
    Pork Pie ...  £2,00


    Onion Rings ...  £2,00
    Side salad ...  £2,00
    Sausage Roll ...  £2,50
    Scotch Egg ...  £2,50


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