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What an incredible weekend we had once again for our Cider Festival and Motorbike Show.

On Saturday afternoon around 50 bikes turned out of all ages, makes and models for our annual motorbike show, sponsored by Huggys Speedshop.

The winners were as follows:

1st Place Steve Wallis – Norton Commando 750s

2nd Place Blackie – Merch 131 ci

3rd Place Graham Ludford – Ducati 600

1st Place
2nd Place
3rd Place
1st PlaceSteve Wallis – Norton Commando 750s


The event as a whole was a massive success, many a bike was seen, many a song was listened (and danced to), many a laugh was enjoyed and a few too many ciders were drunk! The best art about the weekend was seeing smiling faces and people enjoying themselves, from regulars to newbies everyone seemed to have a fantastic weekend!

Cider Fest 1
Cider Fest 2
Cider Fest 2 (2)
Cider Fest 3
Cider Fest 3 (2)
Cider Fest Ben and Polly
Cider Fest Brindley Hunt 1
Cider Fest Brindley Hunt 2
Cider Fest Brindley Hunt 3
Cider Fest Brindley Hunt 4
Cider Fest Chris Hebden 1
Cider Fest Chris Hebden 2
Cider Fest Cider Tent
Cider Fest Comharsa 1
Cider Fest Comharsa 2
Cider Fest Comharsa 3
Cider Fest Comharsa 4
Cider Fest Heritage Cake Company
Cider Fest Sick Squid Printing
Cider Fest The Press
Cider Fest The Press 2
Cider Fest The Press 3


Here is my massive list of thank yous!

I can’t thank everyone enough for their help and support over the weekend, firstly all the customers, if you lot didn’t turn up and enjoy yourselves we wouldn’t have an event and I wouldn’t have a job! So thank you all for coming along.

Also a massive thank you to all of the following! To Rowleys Butchers in Arley for supplying all of the meat for the barbecue as well as our sausage rolls and pork pies. To the Heritage Cake Company for supplying everyone with delicious cakes all weekend. To Huggys Speedshop for sponsoring, judging and supplying the prizes for our motorbike show. To Sick Squid Printing company for bringing all of their hand printed clothing range and accessories to the motorbike fest. To each and every one of the artists and bands that played over the weekend, who were all fantastic and well praised by their respective audiences.

And finally, a massive thank you to each and every one of my staff and friends that worked, helped, supported me, and the event as a whole, throughout the weekend. I have to add that I include all the brewery lads in this as well, they do a lot more for us than just the brewing of the beer! Everyone worked incredibly hard to make it a success and you all deserve a massive pat on the back!

Roll on the car show!

Thanks again, Kevin, Bar Manager, Church End Brewery Tap

This Week's Beers

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