Beername Beerdescription Beerstrength
Screw EU The “Brexit” beer. Malty, almost toffee flavours, with notes of citrus fruits, give this beer flavour way above its percentage 3.8
Vanilla Jack The chocolatey, roasted flavour of Gravedigger's, with the added mix of vanilla, and Jack Daniels 3.8
Hodgson's Choice

To follow 4.0% ABV

Umpire Ale

A real all-rounder, bound to knock down the batting average of even the more seasoned batsmen. Golden duck in colour, soft fruit flavours, with a balanced bitterness. One too many may get you in a sticky wicket!


To follow

Red Shirt Blues

Specialy brewed for Tamworth Beer Fest. A well-balanced brown ale, which allows slight fruit flavours, as well as hints of crystal malt, and chocolate to come through

Arthur's Pocket

Straight 50/50 blend of Poachers Pocket, and Arthurs Ale, giving us a pale brown bitter, with a delicate hop flavour


Mid-brown, autumnal, easy drinking malt driven bitter


Mid-brown, autumnal, easy drinking malt driven bitter

Duckfat Bradshaw

Mid-brown, autumnal, easy drinking malt driven bitter

Cupcake Revolution Light gold bitter with a very floral and fruity nose. Deceptively strong, with light citrus tones and a very soft hop finish. Watch out or you may end up with a soggy bottom. 5.5
Mince Pie

Liquid Christmas! Deep brown ale, flavoured to be a Christmas delight, officially the only barrel that exists!


A recipe for destruction! This deep brown ale uses both coloured, and pale malts, with three hop varieties, which gives a full flavoured beer, with a sweet aroma.


Light gold, with a hint of fruit and tangy aftertaste. Floral notes in the aroma

Blackcurrent Stout

Our original Stout Coffin with the added fruity sweetness of fresh blackcurrants

Fake News

Straw coloured bitter, made using hallertau blanc hops, giving a soft, slightly sweet, melon hop aroma… or is it?

Vanilla and Coffee Porter

A rich roasted porter, with plenty of mouthfeel. Fresh ground coffee beans, and vanilla pods, have been added to create a flavour reminiscent of tiramisu.

Gyle 5000

Church End Brewery’s 5000th brew! Could it be called anything else?! A deep amber bitter, malt driven, with a sharp hop bite, and lingering bitter after taste.

Red Revolution

A red bitter brewed using European hops. This beer starts off with a very fruity malty flavour with plenty of mouth feel, that moves into a hoppy, slightly tart, lingering after taste.

Gottle O' Geer

A glissfully golden grew, with a gright hoppy gite! Packed full of various American hops, giving a sharp gitterness, and lingering citrus flavours, with a strong, fruity aroma


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  • Two medals in the CBGB awards

    Churchend Brewery wins two awards in the "Champion Beer of Great Britain" awards, judged, and presented at this year's Great British Beer Festival. Churchend won Gold for our Gravedigger's Mild, and Bronze for Fallen Angel, in the strong bitter category.
  • New Beer - Wolfsbane "Fell Out Of Heaven"

    Deep chestnut brown in colour with plenty of hop bite. 4.7% ABV

  • New Beer - Kane is Able

    Pale malt bitter which is highly aromatic, with hints of elderflower and grapefruit on the nose. 4.5%

  • Churchend gets 'Beer of Britain 2017' Award

    Goat's Milk announced as the 'Supreme Champion Beer of Britain' at the GBBF